A helping hand for creative people.

WHATEVER your creative art might be … whether it’s writing novels, poems or music … you will know how hard it is to get yourself and your work noticed, especially if you are just starting out in this overflowing market of already established talent.

Yes, you might have a Facebook page or a Website and maybe you have managed to get yourself a few followers on Twitter, which is great. But how much time is spent away from your craft trying to generate some publicity for yourself and how much is all that effort actually helping to raise your profile? If you’re being honest, not as much as you’d like it to, correct?

Truth is, it’s hard to get your name … your talent, your creativity … out there and when I say OUT THERE, I mean getting others to notice you that aren’t your family and your friends.

Now, you will no doubt have seen the plethora of companies that are to willing to help you gain the public visibilty you need but (like most service providers) they will charge you for it. What you need is somebody that will do it for free, yes?

Well I know just the people!

LA MAISON is a website that is run by volunteers specifically for you, the creative person. They have dedicated their time and effort to try and help those with a talent get noticed … And it’s all for FREE!

They will tweet you, your work and re-tweet your tweets and given that they have over 200,000 followers, I would say that that’s pretty good potential exposure for you. All they ask in return, is that you re-tweet their stuff occasionally and thus help them and others out too.

Okay, what’s the catch? Honestly? There isn’t one and I must point out that I have no affiliation to them, I’m not on any “payroll” and there is absolutely no benefit to me personally by creating this blog and directing you to their site. But what I will say is this. I use them and I like them. They appear to be a genuine bunch of people with a fresh approach to tapping into the world of social media and anybody who sets out to try and help the creative folk get noticed in this world, certainly gets my vote.

So why not take a look at their site using the link below and see what’s in it for you? There’s nothing to lose by looking but, you know what, there might just be a whole lot to gain by doing so!

Thanks for reading.




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